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müggelsee, long lake

Vacation on your own doorstep: Come to the island, pack your belongings in the canoe and glide up and away. The land around Berlin is the region with the most water in Germany. Like a string of pearls, the lakes surround the city and connect us with the Spreewald in the south and the Oderbruch in the east. On extremely varied round tours, short or long, you can escape everyday life: In the colorful hustle and bustle of the Köpenick waters, in idyllic landscapes and at the latest in the tropical world of the Gosener Graben, you will be delighted to see how close Berlin is to the Amazon region ;-) The nature reserve of the Gosener Wiesen is the largest in Berlin. An idyll of islands, wet meadows and swamp forests. Or Venice after all? In Little Venice, 5 canals branch out in a small, picturesque delta, with garden sheds, boat sheds and magnificent villas on the banks. The Dahme, on the other hand, is sometimes up to 300 m wide. The bathing water quality of the lakes is usually excellent. You can spend the night at the many water recreation areas or campsites, or if you prefer more comfort, there are numerous hotels and guesthouses close to the water.
Do you want to know more? Then we recommend the following travel guides: Canoe compact: “Märkische Umfahrt”. Canoe Compass: "Brandenburg Berlin", both in the Thomas-Kettler publishing house. All addresses, maps, lots of good tips!

Dahme-Spreerunde 2 - 4 days


Canoe, kayak, experienced canoeists


Insel - Köpenick - Langer See - Seddinsee - Gosener Graben - Müggelspree - Müggelsee - Köpenick - Insel = approx. 50 km


Extension of Zeuthener See, Großer Zug & Crossinsee = plus approx. 15 km

Extension of Dämeritzsee & Flakensee = plus approx. 12 km


Extension of Little Venice = plus approx. 5 km


Book your canoe in advance! Call or write to us.

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