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6 HOURS OF PARTY & BOATS (Covid 19: Mon-Fri only)

Rental period 5 hours. All boats clear ship for any changing captain! Including service staff for equipment, instruction, intermediate and final cleaning | Prices excluding VAT: 4-person pedal boat: € 90.50 | 3-person pedal boat: € 85.00 | 2-person pedal boat: € 75.00 | 3-person canoe: € 70.00 | Single-kayak / SUP: € 62.00 |

6 HOURS OF PARTY & BOATS (Covid 19: Mon-Fri only)
6 HOURS OF PARTY & BOATS (Covid 19: Mon-Fri only)

Was & Wo

Desired date according to availability

Kanuliebe, Kanuliebe, Alt-Treptow, Berlin, Germany

Über das Angebot

Put together your party fleet for your guests, so that everyone can sail a round on the Spree!


Pedal boat oldtimer: 3 x four-seater, 2 x three-seater, 5 x two-seater.

Canoes: 20 three-seater

Kayak: 8 x single-kayaks

SUPs: 16 x inflatable.

In addition to paddles, our equipment includes: Sufficient life jackets in all sizes, waterproof packaging material, waterway maps, cushions for the pedal boats. For all canoeists and SUP boarders there is a well-founded introduction to paddling and surfing techniques. Everyone, no matter in which vehicle, receives entry and exit assistance and instruction in the navigation rules of our area. And we are happy to give tour tips to anyone who wants to know more.

ATTENTION: NOT LONGER THAN SUNSET. AFTER THAT OUR BOATS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO OPERATE :( On request, we will inform you of the exact closing time for your desired date.

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