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30 € per person (groups < 11 PAX all-inclusive: 330,00 €) | Duration 2 - 3 hours (extension on request) | 9 to 60 persons | All prices plus VAT.


Was & Wo

Team building water games: canoe competition

Canoe love, Alt-Treptow 6, 12435 Berlin, Germany

Über das Angebot

Kanuliebe is looking for the Iron-Team: Sometimes it can degenerate, sometimes something has to come out! The focus is on exciting competitions that bring new momentum and motivation to the team.

The better a team knows how to assess and use the individual skills and strengths of each team member, the faster it will reach its goal. The teams have to excel in a wide variety of disciplines: the range goes from the obligatory canoe race to not-so-common tasks, such as our catapult shooting from a canoe, catamaran building and much more ... The following always applies: "The Olympic thought counts - being there is everything! "


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