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the fabulous kanuliebe race

Canoe relay in the circuit around the island of youth | For teams who have rented the lawn (or other areas) of the beer garden for their summer party | Participants: min. 40, max. 80 people | Duration: approx. 2 hours | Costs: €23.00 plus VAT / person. Minimum turnover €920.00 plus VAT

the fabulous kanuliebe race
the fabulous kanuliebe race

Was & Wo

Desired date subject to availability

Berlin, Alt-Treptow 6, 12435 Berlin, Germany

Über das Angebot

The relay race by canoe is the company fun event that should not be missing at any summer party on the water! Depending on the number of participants, the competing colleagues are divided into 3 or 4 teams. For every team  there is a 3-seater canoe ready to go at the jetty. After a short briefing, each team sends its first team into the race. With sheer muscle power, you can now paddle in a circuit around the island. Then comes the most difficult part: instead of the baton, the paddle and boat are handed over to the next crew at the canoe love race. Team spirit and attentiveness are what count here - a false start at the jetty can cost even the top management the leadership they thought was safe ;-) But the ordeal is worth it: Eternal glory beckons to the team whose Spree women and men have mastered all the island tours first! Or at least thunderous applause at the award ceremony.

Suitable for teams of 30 or more people who have rented the meadow with access to the jetty.

Included are of course:

  • Complete equipment (life jackets, waterproof packing material)
  • Safety briefing and instruction in paddling technique
  • Boarding and disembarking assistance, final and, if necessary, intermediate cleaning of the boats
  • Moderation, start signal and determination of winner
  • SAFETY: Last but not least - safety boat (a motor boat accompanies and secures the regatta.)
  • In our experience, the award ceremony is best carried out by the company / team itself, which is usually more appropriate and personal because you know your colleagues. This can also be done by our staff on request.

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