to paddle

3-seater canoes:


2 hours: 22 €

3 hours: 28 €

4 hours: 33 €

5 hours: 37 €

6 hours: 40 €

7 hours: 42 €

Full day: 44 €



2 hours: 20 €

3 hours: 26 €

4 hours: 30 €

5 hours: 33 €

6 hours: 36 €

7 hours: 38 €

Full day: 40 €



2 hours: 20 €

3 hours: 26 €

4 hours: 30 €

5 hours: 33 €

6 hours: 36 €

7 hours: 38 €

Full day: 40 €

to step

2-seater pedalo


2 hours: 26 €

3 hours: 39 €

4 hours: 45 €

5 hours: 51 €

6 hours: 57 €

7 hours: 63 €

Full day: 70 €

3-seater pedalo


2 hours: 30 €

3 hours: 45 €

4 hours: 52 €

5 hours: 58 €

6 hours: 64 €

7 hours: 69 €

Full day: € 75

4-seater pedalo


2 hours: 32 €

3 hours: n 48 €

4 hours: 55 €

5 hours: 62 €

6 hours: 69 €

7 hours: 76 €

Full day: 85 €

The rental price includes the complete equipment:
Life jackets, water maps. (CanoeKajakSUP only :) Paddles, waterproof packing material and a briefing.
You can book 3-person canoes online for 4 hours or more; pedal boats, 1-person kayaks and SUPs for 3 hours or more.



just like that

You can come by without booking and rent a boat (or several) depending on availability, from 2 hours rental time.
On the weekends, usually many people spontaneously feel like a water party. Consequence: Longer waiting times (small but fine consolation: in the beer garden of the Insel der Jugend the waiting time flies by...). Especially our beautiful pedal boat old-timers are sometimes completely booked out.

Are you planning a longer trip? Then you can reserve your boat by making a binding online booking.
You can reserve boats for your tour up to 24 hours in advance  reserve – from a rental period of 3 hours (from 4 hours for canoes)! Enter date, start and end time, select boat(s). Come to the island and get started. Please note that your booking is binding. Clouds, wind and rain showers are no reason for cancellation. If you are sensitive to the weather, we advise you not to book.

If there are no more boats available on the desired date, please note that no more available boats will be displayed 24 hours before the date. Too late! Small consolation: For customers who do not want to or cannot book, there is always a contingent of boats that can be rented spontaneously on site

plan and book


party & boating

Are you celebrating on the island with friends and (or) family? Should the boat (or several boats and SUPs) be moored at our jetty for a celebration and be used alternately by your guests? That's possible, but we charge an additional service fee per boat. Changing drivers during the rental period is otherwise unfortunately excluded.
You can find the prices for a service rental here:
If you want to rent a boat from us, you must be of  legal age. You rent the boat or SUP as a self-driver for a maximum of as many people as are permitted for the respective type of boat. A change of crew is not possible or you can have a look under "party & boating" (just above)...
Everyone under the age of 18 is of course allowed to go boating with us, but must be accompanied by at least one adult person (= renter) on the water.

on its own keel

with style

We only have beautiful boats - canoes with wooden coaming and our unique pedalos: No matter which pedal boat you rent, at Kanuliebe there are only lovingly restored old-timers from the 60s to 80s. Since anticipation is known to be the best joy - here is a little taste of our boats:


2-4 Personen pro Boot

Inklusive: Schwimmwesten, Gewässerkarten, Einweisung



1 Person pro Kajak

Inklusive: Schwimmwesten, Paddel, Gewässerkarten, Packmaterial, Einweisung



2-3 Personen pro Boot

Inklusive: Schwimmwesten, Gewässerkarten, Einweisung



1 Person pro SUP

Inklusive: Schwimmwesten, Paddel, Gewässerkarten, Einweisung



2 Personen pro Boot

Inklusive: Schwimmwesten, Gewässerkarten, Einweisung



2-3 Personen pro Kanu

Inklusive: Schwimmwesten, Paddel, Packmaterial, Gewässerkarten, Einweisung