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No, we don't have any motor boats - even if it looks like this: We have been collecting, maintaining and restoring classic pedal boats from the 50s to 80s for 10 years now: all as stylish as Italian speedboats, only completely emission-free! They originally come from Bavaria: Barro is the name of the shipyard that has been building aluminum boats since 1955 until today.


Do you own one of these beautiful Barro boats? Then you will have painfully noticed that, despite their robustness, the ravages of time have gnawed at the Barro pedalos. But restoration and maintenance are definitely worth it! Barro Bootsbau GmbH has stopped the production of pedal boat. You can still purchase the last original spare parts exclusively from us. Let's go on a treasure hunt!





Don't have your own boat? Never mind - you can rent one from us and sail across the Spree in a lovingly restored pedalo with the steering wheel in hand. You can be sure of admiring looks ...


All Barro pedalos are handcrafted, each one is a little different. They have sonorous names like Seagull, Pike or Penguin and so we have put together the Who's Who of our fleet for you.

who is who





This two-seater pedal boat was built from 1955, is 4.20 m long, 1.20 m wide and weighs approx. 100 kg.

The 2 driver's seats are adjustable, the small bench is only suitable for children.

Our Bluna and the beautiful Rosi have a windscreen, the light blue seagull has no pane.


Our fleet: 4 seagulls

Bilder Möwe