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müggelsee, Langer See

Whoever follows the river comes to the lake! Swimming trunks with you? From Köpenick just 4 km further and you reach the Müggelsee via the Müggelspree. Nice places for excursions, small bays and beaches. If you can do it, you can paddle to the east end, into "die Bänke" and the little Müggelsee. The beach is particularly beautiful here. A little tip on the side: it is most beautiful here on weekdays, on weekends when the weather is nice there is a lot of (motorboat) activity on the water ...


Longing for the south: When you arrive in Köpenick and turn right, you will come across the beautiful Dahme, which flows into the Spree here. Numerous small marinas, restaurants and cafes on the water give Köpenick a truly maritime flair. First of all, however, you have to go around the Köpenick Castle on the Castle Island. Shortly behind it, on the left (east) bank of the Dahme, is the cosy Krokodil restaurant, located directly at one of the last river baths in the city, the Gartenstrasse bathing area. Here you can take a short break, submerge yourself and enjoy the view over the Frauentog. And then it goes over the Langen See, through which the Dahme flows. Then take a break on the 1936 Olympic regatta course or just watch the others sweating: At the weekend, you can watch the rowers at events.

In any case, you will be rewarded with plenty of beaches and bays where you can swim and relax.

Tour duration: 1 day, start: 10:00 h


Suitable for: canoe, kayak, trained canoeists


Route there and back: Müggelsee: between 26 and 36 km (depending on how much you want to paddle)

Langer See / Grünau, Bammelecke: approx. 33 km


Many mooring options (including cafes, beer gardens, toilets, etc.), beaches and bays for swimming


Boat rental: book your canoe in advance!




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