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A city trip is only interesting if you can go shopping in the mall?

We offer you a great alternative. Challenge your students: An exciting and varied canoe tour combines adventure and nature experience. Canoeing is team-building, an ideal sport for groups, offers the opportunity to communicate and experience things together without pressure to perform. In addition to body awareness, it also raises awareness of the natural environment and habitat of the waters and shores.

Life jackets and waterproof packing material are available for everyone. Canoe guides and lifeguards provide safety and guidance on the water. 2 teachers go along for free*.


* for underage students

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Fresh air and fun with the canoe:

With trained teamers, you can easily discover the banks of Berlin. You can expect exciting games on the water, in which your team spirit, your joy of movement and creativity are required! Once you've successfully completed the canoe training, you'll get your licence to canoe racing. But it gets even harder: We not only observe water birds, but also rescue rubber ducks, we build catamarans out of our canoes, shoot with a giant catapult and much more.


DURATION: 2 - 3 hours

COST: € 22.00 per student

AGE: From 8th grade


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Berlin can sometimes be quite exhausting - if you just want to relax, we will show you a real big city oasis. 3 hours of holiday feeling to breathe deeply and relax: enchanted islands, green nature reserves for water birds and beavers, colorful houseboats, modern townhouses, but also Berlin's turbulent industrial and division history is still visible. Here you can paddle in peace without having to fear big steamers and just let your mind wander.


DURATION: 3 hours

COST: € 22.00 per student

AGE: From 8th grade

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Here, 30-meter-tall men made of aluminum seem to walk across the water, a swimming pool shines in the middle of the Spree, a 500 m long border control walkway for an 8.50 m wide canal entrance, a luxury steamer that rots in the mud, a sunken tunnel under water , the leaning tower of Stralau, a stationary Ferris wheel that - if the wind is favorable - picks up speed as if by magic ... We can see these and many other curiosities from the first row on this tour.

Time flies by on the water. 3 hours are not a minute too long. Off to new shores!


DURATION: 3 hours

COST: € 22 per student

AGE: From 8th grade



The paddling classroom is just right in the water city Berlin; because Berlin has more to offer than just the Spree... We experience at first hand how a lock works when we want to get into the calm fairway of the Landwehr Canal, right in the middle of vibrant and densely populated Kreuzberg.

Once a defensive border, later a drainage ditch , then expanded in the 19th century and a supply artery for Berlin, the canal is now primarily used by recreational captains. A long tour like this trains stamina, but luckily numerous meadows on the banks invite you to take a break. There are cafes on the bank, even a boules court. If you make it to the romantic Admiralsbrücke, the popular picnic area at the Urbanhafen awaits you, where you can get an excellent pizza "to go". Thus fortified, the way home is child's play...


DURATION: approx. 5 hours

COST: € 32.00 per student

AGE: Sports classes from 7th grade, otherwise from 8th grade

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