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The 30-metre-high men made of aluminium seem to walk across the water here and join hands, a swimming pool in the middle of the Spree, a 500-metre-long border control facility for an 8.50-metre-wide canal entrance, a luxury steamer rotting in the mud, the leaning tower of Stralau, a stationary Ferris wheel that - when the wind is favourable - picks up speed as if by magic, a UFO, the water lily carpet of Nixenbucht, a prison that once housed even Honecker and is now a voluntary refugee. .. You can see these and many other curiosities from the first row on this tour.

3 hours are not a minute too long. On this tour you will discover how the extremes in Berlin literally flow into each other: from the lively flair of the urban heartland to the green soul of the city's nature.


Tour duration: 3 hours


Suitable for: canoes, pedal boats, SUP-boards


Distance: approx. 10 km, easy


Many mooring options (including children's playground, cafés, toilets, etc.)


Boat rental: Reservation NOT possible. Boats only according to availability on site.


Guided tour: For groups of 8 people or more

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